Chelsea Lead Veterinary Assistant | CFVP Certified

Chelsea originally chose the veterinary field when she was 8 years old, and thought that the Veterinarian Barbie that she got for Christmas was the best thing in the world. As Chelsea got older, medical sciences became fascinating to her. For this reason, alongside her adoration of dogs and cats, is why Chelsea to where she is today!  

She attended The West Coast College of Healthcare and graduated in October 2010, and is now studying at Penn Foster to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Chelsea enjoys working as the surgical nurse, but also really enjoys taking appointments with the doctors and hearing their diagnoses on all the different cases. She always jumps on new opportunities to learn. To Chelsea, the best thing about her job is being able to be there to support our patients and clients through the good and the bad. It’s a job where you are constantly growing and learning and very rarely have a boring day!

A fun fact about Chelsea would be that she has been in the Veterinary field for over a decade now and still loves it more than ever!