Deworming Services for Pets

Protect your pet from deadly parasites by deworming them regularly.

Parasites like worms love making a home inside our furry friends but the feeling is not mutual. Worms can negatively affect your pet’s external and internal organs. There is a wide range of worms that fester on pets but some can even be passed onto humans, like roundworms. Protecting your pets against these parasites also ensures your health. Puppies and kittens are more likely to get worms but pets of all ages can be infected. Be sure to watch out for symptoms of worms in your pets and contact us at 604-824-5848 if you have any concerns.

How can I tell if my pet has worms?

Reactions to worms vary between pets depending on the type of worm they are infected with. Keeping this in mind, some general symptoms of intestinal worms are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss

I usually keep my puppy/kitten inside. How did they get worms?

Your pet is more likely to have worms as kittens/puppies, regardless of your actions. Before puppies are born, their mothers pass on parasites while they are in the womb. Both kittens and puppies can also be infected while their mothers are nursing them.

How often should my puppy/kitten be dewormed?

You should book an appointment to deworm your puppy as early as 2 weeks old, kittens as early as 3 weeks old, with the procedure continuing biweekly, until our veterinarians advise otherwise. Both puppies and kittens will receive monthly deworming at 2-6 months of age. This will be ongoing depending on your pet’s lifestyle and other members of the household, but at a minimum, annually.

What types of worms affect pets?

There’s a wide range of worms that can harm pets but common ones are roundworms, heartworms, tapeworms, whipworms and hookworms.

What can I do to protect my pet against worms?

Our veterinarians might recommend preventive medication to protect your pet from infections. At home, you can clean up after your pets’ feces and safeguard your garden from parasites.

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