Euthanasia Services for Pets

Ensuring a peaceful and dignified farewell for your beloved pet.

We empathize with your family as you contemplate euthanizing your pet. Pets play a key role in our lives and the loss of a family member should be handled with the utmost care. Thank you for entrusting our team of expert veterinarians with this process. Our team is dedicated to making this process as painless as possible for you and your pet. Please feel free to connect with one of our team members at 604-824-5848 to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the process.

What is euthanasia?

Euthanasia prioritizes your pet’s wellbeing by ending their lives as painlessly as possible, at a time when they might be suffering. Our team is here to support by providing as much information as we can about the process and whether it is the best decision for your furry friend. We aim to do this with the utmost respect for your family and pet by making it a seamless process.

My pet hasn’t been themselves in a while. How can I tell if my pet has a poor quality of life?

Your pet’s quality of life is not always directly related to your actions. Depending on your pet’s pain level, they might:

  • Hide from you or your family
  • Spend less time playing or engaging with you
  • Sleep more often
  • Shake or tremble
  • Eat or drink less
  • Behave aggressively

How long does the procedure take?

We give you and your pet plenty of time to spend your last moments together. We like to administer sedation prior to the euthanizing agent to have your pet be as calm and relaxed as possible. Once you and your family are ready, the doctor will inject the euthanizing agent through an IV catheter. Once injected, the process is quick and takes about 10 seconds. We do our very best to make this emotional process as peaceful and painless as possible.

Will my pet feel pain?

No. This process ensures your pet feels little to no pain.

When should I consider euthanasia?

The decision to euthanize your pet is entirely up to you. Various factors might influence your decision but the most important thing to consider is your pet’s quality of life. Take time to discuss how this will affect your family and consider whether your pet’s suffering is affecting their ability to live a full life. Consult with our veterinary team for additional support in making your decision.

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