Parasite Control & Prevention

Protecting your pet against internal and external parasites throughout the year.

Parasites are annoying critters that could harm your pet, especially if they remain untreated. Parasite prevention is better than trying to cure health issues they create, including heart failure, high blood pressure or even weight loss. Our furry family members might also spread some types of parasites to humans. This puts children, pregnant women and the elderly at the highest risk as well as anyone else in your household with a compromised immune system. Parasite prevention is beneficial for your entire family, including those with and without fur.

My pet has never had a parasite. Why should I invest in preventive?

Even indoor-only pets are not safe from harmful parasites. Fleas and ticks are masters of disguise, using your clothes, shoes and other pets to travel to your furry friend. Some of the diseases they carry (like Lyme disease or Tick Paralysis) can be serious and sometimes life-threatening for pets or people. Mosquitoes are equally as good at getting into our homes and carrying heartworm disease with them. The best way to protect your family and pet against these disease-transmitting parasites is to invest in a monthly preventive for your pet.

Call our clinic at 604-824-5848 to discuss what preventive would work best for your pet. At your appointment, make sure to mention any details about where you live as well as extra activities you and your pet enjoy such as travelling.

Are there natural remedies I can use for parasite control?

We cannot recommend the use of natural remedies, as many of them have not been tested for their safety or efficacy. This means that any product that is not labelled for parasite control in our pets may actually be dangerous as well as ineffective. While it may be tempting to use natural products, our team can only recommend the use of veterinary-approved parasite products as we are confident that they are safe and effective!

Besides investing in a parasite control program, what else can I do to protect my pet/family?

Other ways to protect your pet and family include securing trashcans from animals like raccoons and other wildlife. Check your pet after each outdoor outing for ticks and fleas. In addition, be mindful of symptoms of parasites like diarrhea, vomiting or a change in appetite. Contact our team immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

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