Senior Care for Pets

Supporting your pet through their golden years with specialized care and monitoring.

As pets get older, their needs and care plan grow with them. They deserve care that prioritizes their current life stage and provides them with the support they need. With the help of loving owners and our dedicated team, we want to ensure your pet lives the longest and fullest life they possibly can. If you have any questions or concerns about supporting your aging pet, give our team a call at 604-824-5848 to book an appointment.

What are signs of aging I should look out for in my pet?

Old age is not a disease itself, but many diseases occur as our pets age. Depending on the type of illness, this can look like anything. Paying attention to subtle changes in your pet’s health such as energy level, eating and drinking behaviour, bathroom habits, and more can help you and our team figure out what is going on sooner.

How can our veterinarians support your senior pet?

Our team is here to support you and your pet by providing a holistic plan for the best ways you can take care of them. An examination helps us decide how best we can meet their needs, including a physical exam as well as blood and urine tests. We might make recommendations like medication to treat ailments or dietary changes to enhance nutrition.

What can I do at home to support my senior pet?

Be patient with your pet if you notice they respond less when you call their name or aren’t as interested in their favourite toys. Find new ways to engage your pet in fun and play. Ensure they have soft bedding for comfort and ramps to ease their movement to areas off the ground.

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